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Monday, August 31, 2015

Okay, I normally don't write blog posts just off the top of my head, because I'm not a great writer or speller. But I need to clear my head, so I'm gonna tell you a totally true, tiny story about myself. 

I was really really sick with the flu once, a long time ago, and when I get sick I try to let the illness take its course. I was feeling so bad that it hurt to hold a book up and read, and my body ached too badly to get any sleep, so I turned on the TV, even though picking up the remote was also painful. I was flipping through channels, and came upon a news story where they were talking about Melissa Etheridge announcing who the father of her and her partner's baby was, and they said it was David Crosby. I thought to myself, "Holy crap!!! I'm so sick I'm starting to hallucinate! I have to take something for the fever!" So I did, and eventually went to sleep. A couple of days later I found out that it wasn't a hallucination.